TaskStack was designed with Credit Unions in mind.

The FCA has strict guidelines on how to properly handle customer complaints and staff mistakes in a financial institute. It can be difficult for a busy Credit Union to implement adequate processes and procedures to ensure that these guidelines are met and customers are kept up-to-date and happy.

TaskStack helps keep Credit Unions on track by providing the tools that allow your staff to delegatetrack and complete any tasks - saving you time and leaving you to focus on the growth your credit union.

Prioritise important issues

Quickly escalate issues to other staff by referencing them. TaskStack users are automatically notified of all tasks assigned to them, meaning a faster completion time with none being missed.

All of your communication in one place

Automatically create tasks with every new email, saving you and your staff time. Replies to emails are added to existing tasks which makes sure that everything is kept organised.

Keep your credit union FCA compliant

TaskStack ensures compliance to FCA regulations, such as DISP, by alerting you when issues goes unheard and ensuring that clients are catered for.

Automatic delegation to relevant staff

Intelligent delegation and tagging allows staff to quickly and easily pick up on the issues that are relevant to their department and skill set.

Track & understand your credit union

With the help of our reports, you'll be able to highlight common mistakes. See who, or what, is causing them, so that you can improve staff training in those important areas.

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TaskStack for Credit Unions - By Viva IT